[:zh]Volunteer with Oakville Chinese Network Society 华人联盟义工招募[:]


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Volunteers are an important part of our organization and the programs/projects we operate for our members. Volunteering contributes to the health of the volunteer, the community they live in and the organization and the people it serves.

Volunteering benefits everyone involved. As a volunteer, you can make a difference and achieve personal growth by:

 Helping Others
 Connecting with People
 Giving Back to the Community
 Developing New Skills
 Exploring a New Career
 Feeling a Sense of Fulfillment and Accomplishment
 Learning about Older Adults

Application Process
 Complete an application form and send it to the Administrator.
 Attend an interview, if suitable placement is available.
 Attend an orientation session and program training, if selected for placement.Placements are based on interests, abilities, schedule and the availability of a suitable position.
Application Form

Volunteer Requirements
 Minimum 14 years of age
 Minimum 6 months time committment
 English proficiency
 Criminal record search (an asset)
 Provide two references

Available Volunteer Positions:
 Senior Program Assistant
If you would like more information about our volunteer programs, please contact us via Email: