Stop Elder Abuse (S. E. A.) Project Highlights from September to December 2023

funded under the 2023-24 edition of the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility’s Seniors Community Grant Program

Participating individual seniors in the SEA project Activities as of December, 2023 – 110

Volunteers involved – 32

Online workshops provided on Elder Abuse and Fraud – 5

Senior participants in the workshops on Elder Abuse and Fraud – 36 in October, 71 in November, 78 in December, total: 185

STH (Senior Tech Help) individual senior sessions provided in person: 16 in September, 29 in October, 53 in November and 32 in December, total:130

STH (Senior Tech Help) individual seniors attending sessions provided online: 30 in September,  47 in October, 69 in November and 53 in December, total:199

Friendly phone calls: 80 in September, 43 in October, 69 in November, 31 in December, total:223

Friendly home visits: 26 in September, 29 in October, 27 in November, 9 in December, total:91

Volunteer trainings provided during the reporting period: 2 (in October and in December), attending number of volunteers:45